The Tournament

The first ideas for an international archery tournament take place in 2014 in the Archery section of Real Sport Clube.

At the end of 2014 work begins on an idea that gains strength when the Portuguese Presidential Elections of 2016 are scheduled for the date of a National Archery Championship competition in a room on January 24, 2016. Since there cannot be an official proof of the Portuguese Archery Federation on this date for this reason, work begins on organizing the event by looking for a place to do it and making the first invitations to national and foreign archers.

Thus, on January 24, 2016, the 1st International Sintra Archery Tournament was held at the Leal da Câmara Secondary School Pavilion in Rio de Mouro.

From its second edition (2017) the tournament is renamed Real Archery Tournament and in 2019 will complete its 4th edition.