2019 – Real Archery Tournament 2019

16th and 17th February 2019

Pavilhão Municipal de Casal de Cambra. Casal de Cambra, Sintra (Portugal)

The fourth tournament took place on 16th and 17th February 2019 at the Pavilhão Municipal de Casal de Cambra (Sintra, Portugal) and was attended by 90 archers Brazil, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Medallists by event

Category Class. Name Country
Freestyle 1st Pedro Lacerda PRT Portugal
2nd Luís Oliveira PRT Portugal
3rd Francisco Oliveira PRT Portugal
Compound Infantis 1st David Hryhor’yev PRT Portugal
2nd Cloé Isch CHE Switzerland
3rd Beatriz Ferreira PRT Portugal
Recurve Infantis 1st Carla Noemi Ramírez Mancebo ESP Spain
2nd Clara Pedraza Cambero ESP Spain
3rd Elisabete Hryhor’yeva PRT Portugal
Compound Jovens 1st Ana Pedraza Cambero ESP Spain
2nd Vitor Pereira PRT Portugal
3rd Guilherme Domingues PRT Portugal
Recurve Jovens 1st Rita Martins PRT Portugal
2nd Geoffrey Charrondiere CHE Switzerland
Compound Men 1st Rui Baptista PRT Portugal
2nd Carlos Resende PRT Portugal
3rd Manuel Joaquín Vázquez Sánchez ESP Spain
Compound Women 1st María Gomez Martínez ESP Spain
2nd Ana Alonso Lorenzo ESP Spain
3rd Matilde Peña Turiño ESP Spain
Recurve Men 1st Jonah Wilthagen NLD Netherlands
2nd Jorge Alves PRT Portugal
3rd Tiago Matos PRT Portugal
Recurve Women 1st Maria João Parreira PRT Portugal
2nd Catarina Quitério PRT Portugal
3rd Paula Catita PRT Portugal

More informations at: https://www.ianseo.net/Details.php?toId=4843