2017 – Real Archery Tournament 2017

5th March 2017

Pavilhão Professor João Campelo da Escola Secundária Stuart Carvalhais. Massamá (Sintra, Portugal)

From its second edition the tournament is renamed to Real Archery Tournament. The tournament was held on 5th March 2017 at the Pavilhão Professor João Campelo da Escola Secundária Stuart Carvalhais in Massamá (Sintra, Portugal) and was attended by 90 archers from Brazil, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom.

This tournament had as headline archers Marcus D’Almeida and Sergio Martinez Garrido.

Medallists by event

Category Class. Name Country
Freestyle 1st Teresa Ribeiro PRT Portugal
2nd Gordon Hooper GBR United Kingdom
3rd João Ribeiro PRT Portugal
Compound & Recurve Children 1st Guilherme Carneiro PRT Portugal
Compound & Recurve Young 1st Guilherme Domingues PRT Portugal
2nd João Ferreira PRT Portugal
3rd Nélson Santos PRT Portugal
Compound Men 1st Sergio Martinez Garrido ESP Spain
2nd Cláudio Alves PRT Portugal
3rd Miguel Angel Medina Orta ESP Spain
Compound Women 1st Ana Santos PRT Portugal
2nd Liliana Cardoso PRT Portugal
3rd Kathy Deacon GBR United Kingdom
Recurve Men 1st Jorge Alves PRT Portugal
2nd Jonah Wilthagen NLD Holanda
3rd Marcus D’Almeida BRA Brazil
Recurve Women 1st Maria João Ribeiro PRT Portugal
2nd Maria João Parreira PRT Portugal
3rd Liliya Dubyey PRT Portugal

More informations at: https://www.ianseo.net/Details.php?toId=2485